Δείτε ζωντανά το 9ο «Our Ocean Conference» (OOC-9)- 2η ημέρα

Η Ελλάδα φιλοξενεί το 9ο “Our Ocean Conference” (OOC-9), που πραγματοποιείται  16-17 Απριλίου 2024, στην Αθήνα, στο Κέντρο Πολιτισμού Ίδρυμα Σταύρος Νιάρχος, αναδεικνύοντας την ενεργή συμβολή μας στην διαχείριση των διεθνών προκλήσεων γύρω από τη βιωσιμότητα του πλανήτη μας.

Το Πρόγραμμα της 2ης ημέρας


09:00 – 10:00 | High-Level Panel on Ocean Sustainable Management | Ministers for Foreign Affairs | 3 min. intervention


  • George Gerapetritis – Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Hellenic Republic
  • Arnoldo Andre Tinoco, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Worship of the Republic of Costa Rica
  • Dr. Hasan Mahmud, MP, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh
  • Rui Alberto Figueiredo Soares – Minister of Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and Regional Integration of the Republic of Capo Verde
  • Gareth Haddad do Espirito Santo Guadalupe, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and Communities of the Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe.
10:00 – 11:00 | Plenary Session V The Pathway to Innovative Maritime Security and Emerging Technologies

Moderator: Nick Clark  – Al jazeera 


  • Maja Markovcic Kostelac – Executive Director, European Maritime Safety Organization
  • Steven Brock, Senior Advisor to the Secretary of the Navy
  • Konstantinos Kyranakis – Deputy Minister of Digital Governance of the Hellenic Republic
  • Viriato Luis Soares Cassama – Minister of Environment, Biodiversity and Climate Actio of the Republic of Guinea-Bissau 
  • Dieudonne Loic Ndinga Moudouma – Minister of Transport, Merchant Navy and the Sea Environment of the Gabonese Republic
  • Kwaku Ofori Asiamah – Minister of Transport of the Republic of Ghana
11:00 – 12:00 | Plenary Session VI Sustainable Tourism – Sustainable Blue Economy

Moderator:  Tatiana Der Avedissian – World Ocean Initiative, The Economist Group

  • Olga Kefalogianni – Minister of Tourism of the Hellenic Republic
  • Craig Cogut – Founder and Chairman of Pegasus CapiAdvisors, Six Senses hotels, Global Fund for Coral Reefs
  • Terry Tamminen – President/CEO of Alta Seas and the Port of Los Angeles, f. Environment Secretary of California
  • Achilleas Konstantakopoulos – Chairman, T.E.MES. S.A.
  • Minister Walter Roban – Deputy Premier and Minister of Home Affairs, Bermuda 
  • Mirela Kumbaro Furxhi – Minister of Tourism and Environment of the Republic of Albania
  • Hassaan Mohamed – Deputy Minister of Climate Change, Environment and Energy of the Republic of Maldives
12:00 – 14:00 | Lunch Break – Side Events
12:00 – 14:00 | High-Level working lunch on for Heads of Delegations on Sustainable Tourism on the Mediterranean | Venue: Delta restaurant – SNFCC

Moderator:  Perit Karmenu Vella – f. EU Commissioner of the Republic of Malta 


  • Olga Kefalogianni – Minister of Tourism of the Hellenic Republic
  • HSH Prince Albert II – Sovereign Prince of the Principality of Monaco
  • Abadi Almotaz – Deputy Secretary General of the Union for the Mediterranean
  • Claudio Barbaro – Undersecretary of State at the Ministry of Environment and Energy Security of the Italian Republic 
  • Senator Matthew Samuda– Minister – Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation of Jamaica
  • Vladimir Martinovic – Minister of Tourism, Ecology, Sustainable Development of Montenegro
  • Zane Lightbourne – Minister of State for the Environment of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas
  • Stelios Kympouropoulos- Member of the European Parliament
14:00 – 15:00 | Plenary Session VII Promoting Sustainable Fisheries

Moderator: Alfredo Giron – Head, Ocean Action Agenda, World Economic Forum


  • Lefteris Avgenakis – Ministry of Rural Development and Food, Hellenic Republic
  • Esben Sverdup-Jensen – CEO at Danish Pelagic Producers Organisation (DPPO) and ICFA Board member
  • Carmen Ivelise Van Dunem do Sacramento Neto dos Santos – Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources of the Republic of Angola
  • Steffi Lemke – Federal Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection of the Federal Republic of Germany
  • Charlina Vitcheva – Director General, DG MARE, European Commission
  • Kevin Brosseau – Αssociate Deputy Minister of Fisheries and Oceans of Canada
15:00 – 16:00 | Plenary Session VΙΙI Mediterranean Sea: Challenges & Solutions

Moderator: Prof. Michael Scoullos


  • HSH Prince Albert II – Sovereign Prince of the Principality of Monaco
  • Tatjana Hema – Coordinator, United Nations Environment Programme / Coordinating Unit for the Mediterranean Action Plan (UNEP/MAP) – Barcelona Convention Secretariat
  • Leila Chikhaoui Mahdaoui – Minister of Environment of Tunisia
  • Masa Kociper – State Secretary in the Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of Natural Resources and Spatial Planning of the Republic of Slovenia
  • Julia Manning – Associate Director, Senior Environmental Adviser ,EBRD
  • Hon. Dr. Alicia Bugeja Said – Parliamentary Secretary for Fisheries, Aquaculture and Animal Rights of the Republic of Malta
16:00 – 17:00 | Coffee Break – Side Events
17:00 – 17:45 | Closing Ceremony | High – Level Panel on OOC Legacy Official Handover: Looking to Our Ocean 2025

Moderator: Dr. Dionysia-Theodora Avgerinopoulou – Greek Prime Minister’s Special Envoy for the Ocean | Our Ocean Conference 2024 Coordinator


  • Khadija Stewart – Regional Representative for the Caribbean
  • Kirsten Grorud-Colvert – Oregon University
  • Ambassador Julie Lymperopoulos – Ambassador and General Consul of the Republic of Panama to the Hellenic Republic
  • H.E. Surangel S. Whipps, JR – President of the Republic of Palau
  • Ambassador Bebeb A. K. Nugraha Djundjunan – Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to Greece
  • Georg Borsting – Norwegian Sherpa to the Ocean Panel, MFA Norway
  • Perit Karmenu –  f. EU Commissioner of the Republic of Malta
  • Ambassador Julio Cordano – Director of Environment, Climate Change and Ocean Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile
  • Mahlet N. Mesfin, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Ocean –
    Fisheries and Polar Affairs, U.S. Department of State
  • Theodoros Skylakakis – Minister of Environment and Energy of the Hellenic Republic
  • Myeong-dal SONG – Vice Minister of Oceans and Fisheries, Republic of Korea on OOC10
17:45 – 18:00 | Cultural event: Chorus featuring Sounds of the Mediterranean
18:00 – 20:00 | Closing Reception



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